Cowperthwaite Auckland Roofing Experts

Meet the Auckland Roofing Team and see why you can trust us to repair or replace your roof

Cowperthwaite Roofing has a proud history and was originally founded in 1906 by William Thomas Cowperthwaite. Even back then the company was forward thinking, and claims to have created the very first concrete block and tiles in New Zealand.

Today you will find some of these roofs still defying New Zealand’s unpredictable weather after 100 years plus. Not only that but in the 1950’s and 1960’s Cowperthwaites pioneered site roll formed Alstrip aluminium roofing and developed Alvista aluminium joinery.

Cowperthwaite Roofing is still regarded as an innovative company, but more than that we are proud of our reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and superior customer service.

Managing Director
Richard is the driving force behind Cowperthwaite Roofing Ltd, He has worked in roofing for more than 40 years, and is well-known and highly regarded within the industry.
Financial Controller
Robyn has an excellent career history as an administration manager/PA with a focus on accounts, payroll, HR & contacts management. Our office systems could not be in safer hands.
Anna Timofeeva
Anna joined Cowperthwaites in 2015, having moved to Auckland from Russia in 2011. She worked as a construction contract administrator for 7 years and than as a building control inspector for nearly 10 years. To further strengthen her experience, Anna’s completed her NZ Diploma in Quantity Surveying at Unitec.
Jordan Turoa
Administration Co-ordinator
Jordan has roofing in her blood! Her dad has run his own roofing company for more than 20 years, so she’s been immersed in the industry for most of her life. Jordan enjoys dealing with our clients, handling all reception duties and customer service enquiries, and she looks after the ordering of materials too.
Gemma Andrew
HR Contractor
Gemma is in charge of Cowperthwaite Roofing’s recruitment, and offers the company and its employees expert HR advice and support. She has conjoint degrees in Commerce and Science with Honours in HR Management, and has worked for 8 years in corporate HR, for both SMEs and multinationals.
Management Contractor
Sean moved to NZ from Bedford, England in 2008. He was involved in the UK roofing industry for more than 20 years. He carries out site measures, and roof inspections & reports for Cowperthwaites.

While we are passionate about roofing and believe it to be the single most important aspect of a house, we realise that for many people replacing a roof can be described as a ‘distress purchase’. The thing to remember is, a roof protects your entire home from the elements.

As we’ve all seen with the leaky building crisis in New Zealand, allowing water to creep into your home, can cause untold damage and slash the value of your investment.

The roof over your head doesn’t have to be purely functional, there are new technologies and styles of roofing that can create a wonderful new look for your home, while offering the ultimate in protection from the weather.

Euroline roofing is a superb example of European styling and functionality  that can transform your home. If you doubt that a roof could get the neighbors’ talking, take a look at our designer roof section. More

Then again if all you need is a simple roof repair, Cowperthwaite’s Auckland Roofing Experts will deliver an outstanding job, because our reputation depends on it.

Call us today and experience the difference that only comes from vast experience.


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