Pink®Batts® from Forman Building Systems


Pink®Batts® are a bulk insulation designed specifically for the insulation of walls and ceilings in houses and other buildings. Pink® Batts® have been designed for installation in cavity construction at ambient temperatures and will friction fit between standard timber framing. If timber spacing is non-standard Pink®Batts® can easily be cut to size. They come in a variety of thermal performance grades and sizes to conform with current joist, truss and stud spacing. Pink®Batts® Products have been accepted into the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealands Sensitive Choice Programme. The purpose of the Sensitive Choice programme and it’s distinctive Butterfly logo is to raise the awareness of asthma by identifying products that may benefit people with asthma and allergies.

Features and Benefits of Pink®Batts® insulation

Comfort – Reduces heat loss for a warmer home and absorbs sound for a quieter, more relaxing, home

Cost Saving – A well-insulated home can save up to $1,800 on energy bills annually

Sustainability – Made locally from up to 80% recycled glass Pink®Batts®
insulation reduces dependence on virgin materials and reduces emissions associated with the importing of overseas manufactured product

Healthy Living – R-values up to 4.0 assist in keeping homes above 18°C as per the World Health Organisations recommendation for a healthy and comfortable home

Product Safety – Pink®Batts®
insulation is non-combustible and will not easily burn therefore creating a safer living environment

Assurance – BRANZ appraised giving independent assurance of the 50 year durability requirements of the
New Zealand Building Code

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