Hylton Parker Fasteners

Hylton Parker Fasteners is one of the biggest names in fasteners with a proud history of servicing the roofing and cladding, construction and industrial markets for over 35 years. With ten branches throughout New Zealand stocked with one of the largest fastener ranges available, they stand out as New Zealand’s fastener specialist. Hylton Parker Fasteners places a great emphasis on their ability to deliver:

  • Quality products
  • Prompt and accurate delivery
  • Quality customer service
  • Technical assistance
  • Specially manufactured products


Why Use a Fastener Specialist?

There is a lot more to fasteners than just simple nuts and bolts; the suitability of a fastener is highly dependent on its application.

The selection process must establish the strength required (material grade), corrosion factors (protective coatings), head type and thread form fit. That’s why it’s important to use a specialist such as Hylton Parker Fasteners.

Their extensive industry experience enables their staff to provide support for all types of fasteners for a wide range of applications. Access to information and their ability to source many different materials and coatings means you can feel comfortable that you are getting comprehensive support made possible by their experience and long standing supply partnerships.

The experience gained in working with leading global manufacturers has seen Hylton Parker Fasteners develop a range of products and finishes to meet the most demanding and diverse applications.


With a dedicated painting & assembly facility they can provide quick turnaround times for your special requirements. Hylton Parker Fasteners also offer approximately 30 colours and 40 different fastener styles off the shelf, including roofing screws, rivets and specialty profile / load spreading cyclone washers.

Their product range includes:

  • Steel, stainless steel & aluminium self drilling screws
  • Galvanised assembled weatherseal nail systems
  • Profile & under washer seals
  • E.P.D.M. roof penetration seals
  • Hand & power tools
  • Silicones & sealants
  • Rivets, all varieties
  • Colour finish touch-up & spray paints

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